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can we call projects api and get users api in one request?

can we call projects api and get users api in one request? how do we structure the parameters?

Missing description of logged time

How do I get description that people put in when they log their times for the actions? From the API it only shows time , user, and date. I have to believe that is pretty useless without the description that people add in. I thought it would be a comment but when I show comments from the action it doesn't show any. I don't understand why the loggedTime doesn't show everything from the screen like description and category. Not sure why they cut those two out?

What is the page size

What is the maximum number of record which will be returned in these endpoint https://app.hive.com/api/v1/projects https://app.hive.com/api/v1/actions

Custom fields

How to retrieve action or project custom fields through api

Can Hive Push Messages to another system

I am working on integrating Hive and HubSpot. I have setup an endpoint to accept a POST message from Hive. Does Hive have workflows or events that can be setup to call an API endpoint and post a message to it? If so, I can't locate the documentation on how to set this up. Thank you

Pagination of results

Hello when running a Get request and returining a large set of data the API is only providing a portion of the data, and providing a "hasNextPage":true / "hasPreviouspage":false flag. Unfortunately there is no page number / id that would allow me to loop through pages and get all information.

Attachment file names

Is it possible to explicitly set the file name of an attachment as it is being created/uploaded? I am migrating files from another system where the file is exposed as a url without the name in it.

Status of Project in API

Can we please get the Project Status and notes from that status in the API?

Automating Reporting using API using Alteryx

Hi, I'm pulling in data using the download tool in Alteryx for the GetAction. I'm then parsing it out using the JSON Parse tool, but it seems as though it's only pulling up to 99. of the name field. For example, the name field contains items like: 0.id 0.priority 1.id 1.priority etc... Maxing out with 99.estimate Has anyone come across this issue and if so, how did you resolve it? Thanks, Kevin

Timesheets via API

the API documentation doesn't mention timesheets, so I assume it's not covered by the API. But it would be cool to add timesheet entries via API. Is this currently possible? Any plans to add it if not?