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API key in header or URL param?

When I called the Get Users endpoint with the API key in the header, as documented, I got back a 400 Bad Request { "error": 400, "message": "api_key is required as a header or a query parameter." } I didn't get a successful response until I moved the api_key into the URL query parameter. Why doesn't the API successfully authenticate with the api_key in the headers?

Trying to get this to work with Salesforce External Services

I am stuck on providing an API schema specification. See this link for examples: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/external-services/register-an-external-service Can you help here?

Status of the project

Hello, How it is possible to get the Status of the projects? The only way I found exporting Project Status is manually exporting Portfolio view CSV file. Could u please help us to find a better-automated way?

Archive Project through API

Is there a way to archive a project through the "Update project" request? I was expecting to see a true/false "archive" parameter on the project that could be toggled to change the project's archive status.

Actions Not Showing up

I am using the API to load the data into Power Bi, I can see all my projects just fine but almost none of my actions. I can only see the actions from 1 current project and then actions from some archived projects. Are some of these action being stored somewhere else? I checked all the sharing properties and I still cannot seem to find these actions in the API.

Filtering Actions

Hi Team Can you help me in filtering down the getting actions based on a certain date using API? I am using Get actions URL from Workspaces Presently, I can only find this """filters Optional fields to filter by. Filters expects a structure like "filters[fieldName]=value". For example, if you wanted to filter to just get actions with the status "Completed", you would pass: "filters[status]=Completed". Currently, only the following fields are supported: "status", "parent", "archived", "milestone"."""

Estimates per User

Is there a way to retrieve the estimate time of an Action tied to users? I see the API for getting an Action includes an estimate field, but it is the total estimate of the action across all assigned users. In the Hive dashboard, you can click on the estimate dropdown to see the estimate allocation per user. Is there an equivalent way to retrieve this estimate per user for an action through the API?

Completed Date

Hi Team I am unable to find Completed date in the API. I can see it in UI and it isn't a custom field.

Add label to action

I'm trying to add labels to actions via the API. The documentation for "update action" seems to include this function, but it doesn't work. Is it possible to add and remove labels to Actions with the API?

Hive API Pricing

What is hive api pricing?