Below is the data structure of the Action object in Hive:

idStringUnique alphanumeric string id
titleStringTitle of the action
workspaceString/Workspace IDID of the Workspace that the Action belongs to
assigneesArrayArray of User ID strings. Array with value 'none' represents unassigned
projectIdString/Project IDID of the Project (if any) that the Action belongs to
descriptionStringUser input description of the action
customFieldsArray of objects
[{ label: '', value: '' }]
Action custom fields
createdAtISO Date StringDate + time of Action creation
modifiedAtISO Date StringDate + time that the Action was last modified
createdByString/User IDUser ID string of the Action creator
modifiedByString/User IDUser ID string of the last user to modify fields on the Action
statusStringStatus of the action
scheduledDateStringStart Date as Date ISO String
deadlineStringDue date as Date ISO String
parentString/Action IDParent action the Action belongs to (if any)
rootString/Action IDHighest-level action of a tree of actions
hasSubactionsBooleanWhether the Action has subactions
estimateInt32Estimated time
loggedTimeArray of objects
Time logged to an action card
estimatesArray of objects
Estimated time per assignee
milestoneBooleanWhether the Action is a milestone or not
phaseIdStringId of phase
phaseNameStringName of phase
archivedBooleanWhether the action is archived or not
deletedBooleanWhether the action is deleted or not
checkedDateISO Date StringDate that the action was marked "Completed" or checked
completedByString/User IDUser ID of the user who marked the action "Completed" or checked last. Note that this may be different than the assignee.
placeholderAssigneesArrayArray of Placeholder ID strings. Empty array if no placeholder assignees set on an action. If placeholders assignees are set on an action, will be populated with Placeholder IDs as strings in the array.
agileStoryPointsNumberNumber of story points assigned to action
agileSprintIdStringIdentifier of the agile sprint