Below is the data structure of the Project object in Hive:

idStringUnique alphanumeric string id
nameStringName of the Project
descriptionStringText representing an optional project description
endDateISO Date StringEnd date of the Project
sharingTypeStringCan be one of three types:
1. "everyone" - Project is accessible by everyone in the workspace
2. "custom" - Project is limited to a subset of users in the workspace. If set to "custom", the "members" field shows which users have access
3. "me" - Project is limited to just the user who has access
membersArrayMembers of the project (if sharingType is set to "custom") as an array of User ID Strings
projectCustomFieldsArrayArray of project-level custom fields
projectCustomFields.$._idStringUnique alphanumeric string id for a projectCustomField entry
projectCustomFields.$.typeStringCustom field value type. Currently just limited/defaulted to "text"
projectCustomFields.$.labelStringLabel for the custom field
projectCustomFields.$.valueStringStored value of the custom field
createdAtISO Date StringDate + time of Project creation
modifiedAtISO Date StringDate + time that the Project was last modified
createdByString/User IDUser ID string of the Project creator
modifiedByString/User IDUser ID string of the last user to modify fields on the Project
colorStringHex code for project color
statusUpdatesArrayArray of Project Status updates that exist on the project
resourcePlaceholderIdsArrayArray of placeholder IDs which represent placeholders added to a given project
budgetNumberNumber value for Project budget
isDraftModeBooleanBoolean value representing whether a project is in Draft Mode state or not.