Below is the data structure of the Project object in Hive:

idStringUnique alphanumeric string id
nameStringName of the Project
descriptionStringText representing an optional project description
endDateISO Date StringEnd date of the Project
sharingTypeStringCan be one of three types:
1. "everyone" - Project is accessible by everyone in the workspace
2. "custom" - Project is limited to a subset of users in the workspace. If set to "custom", the "members" field shows which users have access
3. "me" - Project is limited to just the user who has access
membersArrayMembers of the project (if sharingType is set to "custom") as an array of User ID Strings
projectCustomFieldsArrayArray of project-level custom fields
projectCustomFields.$._idStringUnique alphanumeric string id for a projectCustomField entry
projectCustomFields.$.typeStringCustom field value type. Currently just limited/defaulted to "text"
projectCustomFields.$.labelStringLabel for the custom field
projectCustomFields.$.valueStringStored value of the custom field
createdAtISO Date StringDate + time of Project creation
modifiedAtISO Date StringDate + time that the Project was last modified
createdByString/User IDUser ID string of the Project creator
modifiedByString/User IDUser ID string of the last user to modify fields on the Project
colorStringHex code for project color