_idStringUnique alphanumeric string id.
nameStringHuman readable name of the Webhook.
ownerIdStringUser ID representing the Webhook owner.
workspaceIdStringID of the Workspace the Webhook is set up in.
projectIdsArray of StringsArray of project IDs the Webhook is watching. Only applicable to Webhooks which trigger on Actions inserts/updates. Default is empty array (all projects). A null value in the array means "watch for Actions with no project", project ID values in the array mean "watch for Actions in these project ID(s)".
triggerStringTrigger event type for the Webhook, i.e. when should the Webhook be sent. Supported values are: "actions::i" (Action inserted), "actions::u" (Action updated), "projects::i" (Project inserted), "projects::u" (Project updated).
fieldsArray of StringsArray of field names, as strings, for the Webhook to conditionally trigger on. Defaults to an empty array, which means "trigger on any field changes". Only relevant for Webhooks which have a "trigger" field value with a "::u" suffix like "actions::u" or "projects::u".
filtersArray of ObjectsNot yet publicly supported.
operatorStringNot yet publicly supported.
urlStringURL to send the Webhook payload to upon triggering.
additionalHeadersArray of ObjectsOptional Array of Objects where each Object represents any additional HTTP Headers to be included in the Webhook POST payload. Used for developers to define static headers to verify Webhook send authenticity or any other general purpose.
deletedBooleanWhether or not the Webhook is deleted.
createdAtISO Date StringDate + time of creation.
modifiedAtISO Date StringDate + time of last update.
createdByStringUser ID representing Webhook creator.
modifiedByStringUser ID representing Webhook last modified by.